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SO here we go my first Blog on WordPress…

I was wondering this morning, what if Adam and Eve never committed any sin, how would our life be today?
Did Jesus need to come?  Did Abraham have to leave to the promise land?  Did Moses have to bring the ten Commandments?

If Adam and Eve never ate that fruit and broke God’s only commandment, would we have cars today?  How about TVs and computers or iPad?  How about Ice Cream and Hamburgers?  Steaks and Sushi?  Pop corn and Netflix? how about Pizza?

If Eve was never deceived by the serpent, would we be riding nice cars and living in beautiful houses?  Would we have Jazz , Blues, Rock and pop…. How about Hip Hop?

If Adam and Eve never took that choice and disappointed God, would we be going to church and sleeping on pews?  Would we be singing and worshiping? Would there be preachers jumping and screaming and yelling?  Would they be collecting tithes?

Would Martin Luther King ever needed to have a dream? 

Where would the World be if Adam and Eve never fell in that trap?  How about Weeds? would people be smoking them today and fighting to legalize the weed? 

Or would we be still under the trees if Adam and Eve were never deceived?