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So this is the news today and everybody is wondering whether this is right or wrong.

Burn a Quran Day on 9-11-2010 by Florida church Lead by Pastor Terry jones.

From what I have been reading and seeing online and on TV and people speaking, everybody seems to agree that this is not the right thing to do.

I still don’t understand how most of Christian leaders such as Terry Jones think and what their motives are!
Christianity is supposed to be one unique religion calling for Peace and Love also one more thing that makes it a little different is an eternal “Plan of God”.

Christianity calls to love your enemies and love those who hate us.  How can a man who claims that he is a christian (LEADER) have so much hate and anger!

HATE, ANGER  I do remember how in Sunday School, they used to teach us about those two being called the fruits of the flesh.

I am being confused now, and I recall Jesus’ words to those leaders that he called blind and leading their followers to the cliff.

Listen people I am not an advocate of Islam, but I don’t believe this is the right way to do it, and if you claim you have a mission to win souls to Christ, last time I checked the Bible I remember it was done through love.
I saw the video President Obama had concerning this deal, and I was impressed with the wisdom he handled.  Also another video said that the government cannot arrest pastor Terry Jones or force him to stop burning the Quran on september 11.  However I remember they passed a law that condemns Hate Crime and I think by Terry jones burning the Quran he is going beyond the Freedom of Speech and committing a hate crime.

Also doesn’t Terry Jones see how he will be causing all the rage in the world against our country by doing that? Can’t he see all the already angry people in the world being recruited by his act to join all the Anti-American organizations? Can’t he understand that by this he’s putting our troops sons and daughters, dads and uncles and grandchildren in a great danger?

In the end it is a simple common sense, we live in a country where freedom of worship and freedom of speech is what people come here  for.  And american values has been distorted through wars and our fights against the whole world.  We are passionate people and we are the most giving and loving people in the world let us keep those values and pass them clean to the generations to come.