I Missed my backspace button and my blinking cursor

Posted: September 10, 2010 in People and Blogs, Writing
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I feel very overwhelmed today!

It’s been a while since my last entry on a computer.

Nine months ago I decided I want to go back to the basics, and write my entries actual papers, so I did go and bought me a notebook and began pouring some ink on it.

It was such an overwhelming feeling, it’s just me and my thoughts with the papers and the ink, no screen lights, no other need for power, not worry if the battery will run out of juice, I could write as much as I wanted.

I was disconnected from the rest of the world, no Facebook Twitter or YouTube, no email no connection to nothing, you know when you’re trying to get some work done on the computer, but you know you’re connected to the internet, and every once in a while you want to double check your Facebook, your email messenger see who’s thinking of you, who’s saying what and where and what photos are uploaded…

I almost filled my notebook and then I started realizing I need to digitalize all what I wrote and type it back on the computer, which was fine since a lot needed to be edited and corrected, but I felt it was a hassle, a lot of scratched words and lines, and thousands of words to be retyped.

However the thing I found very interesting and sentimental, was more than just having this intimate relationship you feel between you and your thoughts with the papers and ink, when I went back to read my entries, I was able to see in front of me every little moment I went through, thinking and drawing those letters, ever emotion was there, I could see where I pushed more on the paper, I could see where I was nervous where I was happy and calm, I was able to recall the whole make of.

We forget sometimes what it takes to write a paragraph or to put some thoughts together and scratch them on a piece of paper.

When we read articles online on our iPad or Kindle, we don’t necessary see everything the article went through before it got its manicure and pedicure and the nice hairstyle glowing in front of our eyes.

We don’t see how many times this word or the other was put down and scratched or put back again.

While writing this small article, I tried to count how many times I deleted words and how many time I changed a sentence!

When I go back to review the article I almost forget how messy it was.

I don’t want to think about the old days when they didn’t have the Copy/Paste option or the select and replace, or just think about the backspace button, we really do take it for granted!  Can you imagine life without it?

Being back on the computer, I am glad I can get much more work done in less time, I am also happy to see the blinking cursor waiting for me to hit it with those letters so it can run forward and stay ahead of the story, I really missed it.

However I still go back to my papers give them some taste of that ink mixed with bunch of my thoughts, we try to meet at least once a week, away from it all and sometimes we invite a candle along…


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